Chihiros B Series LED Lighting System 20cm

Chihiros B Series LED Lighting System



*Chihiros B Series LED System: Illuminate Your Aquarium with Brilliance*

The Chihiros B Series LED System is a lighting marvel designed for aquariums measuring up to 140 cm in width. Crafted to perfection, this luminaire combines an exquisite blend of white and RGB LEDs, delivering radiant illumination that fosters the healthy growth of even the most demanding aquatic plants.

In the B Series, the white LEDs are thoughtfully positioned in the outer perimeter, while the RGB LEDs are strategically centered. This ingenious arrangement ensures a harmonious distribution of the color spectrum, guaranteeing that your meticulously curated aquascape is bathed in the ideal light, allowing the vibrant hues of aquatic flora and fauna to truly shine.

With the assistance of the “My Chihiros APP” and the Commander, you have precise control over light intensity, lighting schedules, and daily routines, allowing you to customize every aspect of your aquascape.

*Key Features:*
– LED lighting designed specifically for aquariums.
– Equipped with adjustable holders for convenient installation.
– Incorporates both white and RGB LEDs for versatile lighting options.
– Available in various sizes to accommodate different aquarium dimensions.
– Crafted from robust yet lightweight aluminum.
– Includes an app controller for effortless management through the “My Chihiros APP.”

*Model Options:*
– B120
– B20
– B30
– B45
– B60
– B80
– B90

Elevate your aquatic sanctuary to new heights with the Chihiros B Series LED System. Let your aquatic world come alive with the perfect blend of light and color, all at your fingertips. Choose Chihiros for excellence in aquarium lighting.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 36 × 9 cm



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