Chihiros WRGB II 45cm Slim

Chihiros WRGBII SLIM EDITION (Built-in Bluetooth) Mobile app Control Sunrise and Sunset Modes Built-in Multiple Modes Customized Modes High Intensity Helps Plants Show Color



Chihiros WRGB SLIM Editionis designed for planted aquarium. With built in controller. now you can simulate sunrise and sunset effect.
customized spectrum intensity at each time point. hence do not require timer installation anymore!

This light is designed with a reduced 40-50% brightness performance versus WRGB II.

With relatively low power consumption. different variations illuminate theAquariuscomplete with a high beam angle and suite aquarium sizes from 30 to 140 cm in length.

The lighting system is programmed directly through the ¡°My Chihiros App¡± and requires no additional commands. which makes a notable difference to the LED WRGB I series.
The app offers individual control over the three ¡°R¡± color channels ( red). ¡°G¡± (green) and ¡°B¡± (blue). as well as individually programmable daily phases.
Sunrise and sunset can also be imitated. No need for an external timer because all schedules can be saved as desired. The new Led display Chihiros WRGB 2 Slim Is waiting for you.


  • Lampshade Color: Black
  • 30 to 120 LEDs
  • No additional accessories needed
  • With success ofquality
  • 33 – 130 W ofenergy consumption
  • 2.300 – 7.700 lm
  • With supportstainless steelfixed

Specifications of CHIHIROS WRGB 2 SlimEdition

WRGB II Series – 45
-Power consumption: 49W
-Luminous flux: 3.600 Lumen
-Width: 14 cm
-Length: 45 cm
-Height: 1.8 cm
-Suitable for aquariums of size 45 cm


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 9 cm



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