Let's Explore the Beautiful Underwater World

Let's Explore the Beautiful Underwater World


Beautiful aquascapes in your home or business can create a sense of peace and harmony allowing you to escape from your stressful day and transport you to another world, one which comprises of peace and tranquility. With the appropriate advice from friendly and knowledgeable staff, Underwaterscapes can guide you through the steps to keep your aquarium looking at its best. However, if you prefer, We also offer a full in-house maintenance service, enquire in store for more information.

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Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium. 

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Why Choose Us?

If you have a space where you would like to install an aquascape, we can visit you and provide consuldations on the kinds of miniature ecosystems that would match.


Underwaterscapes has trained staff members who provide maintenance and upkeep of water tanks. Appropriate maintenance ensures your aquascape remains beautiful. We also provide long-term regular maintenance service.

Well Trained Aquascapes

Underwaterscapes has experienced aquascapers to realise beautiful & technically sound underwater garden scapes in aquariums and ponds. Our Underwater garden scapes are inspired from nature; they are miniature replicas of natural scenery

Plant Selection

We use only carefully screened fish and vegetation, which are suitable for aquascapes. Underwaterscapes has a wide variety of plants, and we work with our clients to design an aquascape that meets the desired look and budget .

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What Our Clients Have To Say


This is an escape for people who have fish tanks, because these guys have everything you would need to keep your tank healthy and beautiful


Great little shop with extensive selection of aquatic plants and aquarium decorations. Good shop to visit if you want to create a terrarium.


Small yet beautifully crafted space with Truly awesome aquascapes and aesthetically pleasing set of display tanks which you will fall in love with. Owners will make sure you understand the art of aquascaping and will explain you to its minute details. Owners are skilled and proficient in this art and has also won multiple awards to back his talent. You can sit and admire the crafted tanks. Also have multiple products from leading manufacturers in aquascaping. Must visit place for enthusiast in water gardening. Have a nice collection of aquatic plants. They can also craft as per one requirements.All in all nice place.

Anne Claire


Underwater Gallery

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